The Benefits to Hair Extensions

Do you ever find yourself saying, I wish my hair was thicker, or I wish my hair was longer, blonder, had more texture? Now you can have the hair you’ve always wanted with minimal time and effort!


We at salon Mario Russo offer several options depending on what your needs are:

‘1. Looking for a quick fix: we offer customized clip INS…..not what you think….you really can’t tell.

My team, colors them to match your hair, cuts them to fit precisely to your needs.  You can run, bike, dance the night away without any worries…you can even sleep with them if you like.  They are 100% human hair, and will last years with the right care!

2. Great lengths hair extensions for added volume, texture and length is perfect for the woman on the go who has always wanted longer, fuller hair and now she can.  It requires just a couple of hours of salon time and minimal salon maintenance.  Your hair will naturally grow out with the extensions and our hair extensions will last in your hair for approximately 3 to 4 months.  You can do anything with your hair extensions that you would do with your own hair!  They are yours!

3. Hair wefts: is another option that we offer with less salon time and increased volume and length.  This is for the client who is looking for length (extreme) and perhaps not as long as a commitment.

As you can see all these options are available now at my salons.  Please contact our coordinators with questions regarding pricing, scheduling  and availability.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer, and your endless summer waves!


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