Juston Distazio

Juston joined the Salon Mario Russo team in 1991 and has taken on roles including stylist, stylist educator, and senior stylist manager. He has trained extensively in fashion hub cities such as London, Montreal, and New York. Thanks to his background, he is able to recognize and utilize fashion for hair. “You absolutely never stop learning in this industry and that is one of the things I love most about it. Fashion for hair, as in fashion for clothing, changes, borrows, and evolves with each passing decade. It’s so much fun being there with it as it happens,” Juston has a passion for short hair and professional hair care products. Cutting hair short is very liberating and can awaken the “Inner you”, the one who may need a little push forward. Once the genie is out of the bottle , you may not get her back in ! He takes care to share his product knowledge and discoveries with his clients, believing in the importance of helping them to become more educated about their own hair and its needs, and to learn to work with their own natural attributes for maximum results. Juston specializes in cutting and hair design.