Charlotte Murphy

Charlotte is a Boston native and attended Simmons College.

In 2012 Charlotte made the career change and attended hairdressing school and joined the Mario Russo team in 2015.  After completion of our extensive training program, Charlotte began as Mario’s personal assistant and transitioned to our cutting floor.  It was during this transition that her true talents for cutting and styling were being noticed by Boston’s elite.

She has and continues to participate in photo shoots with Boston area magazines and local designers.  Charlotte has traveled across our country for her craft…. as far as Los Angeles to study with Howard McLaren and Garren to fine tune her razor techniques and to NYC to present at the famous John Barrett Salon.   she has studied with Adam Livermore and Ronnie Stam, as her exquisite finishing techniques showcase!  Charlotte is also senior member of our bridal team and is sought out for her creativity and well as her always calm demeanor for that very special day!

Charlotte embodies the meaning of a true professional.  Her belief is for every client to have the individual cut for them, and their lifestyle.