I have worked with Mario and been a part of Salon Mario Russo in Boston for 33 years now . In that time, I’ve seen so many changes in the city, the company and the fashion world; watching Boston turn that corner and claim a piece of that is so encouraging.

My training has taken me to major fashion capitals like London Montreal and New York . My focus is mostly cutting and my passion is cutting short hair. I find it so energizing and inspiring . Many woman are hesitant to make that switch to short hair but you will be surprised how it will change your outlook on hair and fashion. It’s an awakening!

My history is steeped in a long line of craftspeople and creatives . I knew I would land in that space. Along with my love of cutting hair, I can’t be torn away from my camera and the world of photography. I have always been drawn to the arts, music, photography and design of all sorts . I’ve recently been trying my hand at painting . All of these disciplines just pull me in to want and discover more.

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