Just For the Men

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things”

Jean Cocteau

Warmer weather is headed our way and wearing heavy coats is out of the picture. Guys may find that putting effort into what they are going to wear can be a bit of a daunting task. However, staying fit and learning to cook well can be just as daunting. Understanding how to maximize what you have in your closet, as well what to look for when shopping this season will help any man create a sense of his own style.

If you’ve cleaned out your closet, just to end up filling it back up with things that you won’t wear again, was there any sense in cleaning it out in the first place? Here are 3 tips that are a good starting point for any man:

  • Layering Clothing-One of the easiest things to do, layering between a light shirt and sweater or a light jacket is great for going into Spring or Fall seasons. Lighter, thinner fabrics should be closer to the body. Sport coats offer the ability for men to dress them up or dress them down.


  • Versatility-Utilizing what is already in your closet with new pieces is what we mean. Bright cardigans, along with darker washes in denim can allow for further dressing up or dressing down with what’s already in your closet. Darker washes also can be slimming while trying to get back into shape.


  • Fit-Typically, guys do not bring their clothing to a tailor. However, it’s an important step. Unless you want to look frumpy, knowing the exact measurements of your body is crucial in looking presentable. It shows that you know yourself inside out.


Now, that we’ve given you some basic tips on the art of layering, versatility with what you have in your closet and the fit of clothing, go out there and EXPERIMENT! Try something new, surprise yourself and those around you.

Happy Styling!

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