Meet Ini, a distinguished colorist who became an integral part of the Mario Russo team in 2011. Color isn’t just a profession for Ini; it’s her passion. She artfully combines the science of color theory with the finesse of an artist, meticulously crafting formulations with ease. With a dedication to ongoing education, Ini has earned accolades from the prestigious Wella Institute in NYC, mastering all levels of color application, including corrective techniques. Ini was voted as the Best of Boston Colorist in 2022-2023 and featured as a Trailblazer in Boston Voyager.

Ini’s innate creativity and keen eye combined with her warm and inviting personality is what makes the clients love her. Her skillset, patience and empathy make any new clients trust her immediately with their color corrections.

When she’s not transforming hair, Ini’s a globetrotter, exploring new destinations and indulging in Boston’s culinary delights. As an avid cook and family-oriented individual, she enjoys traveling with her husband and two boys. Ini is a multilingual expert who speaks German, Italian, and Albanian. 

Ini’s mantra…. DON’T STOP

                             WHEN YOU ARE TIRED

                                   STOP WHEN YOU ARE


Instagram: @inispahiu

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